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Available RCM Flow Meter Options

RCM Flow Meter Available Options & Adders

The following is a listing of available RCM flow meter options which include limit switches, transmitters, digital indication and more.

Options A, B or B2: O-Ring Seals

O-Rings are used to seal internal flanged joints.  Standard O-Ring material is Buna-N which is suitable for a wide range of liquids and gases.  If no option is specified, Buna-N will be furnished.  If Buna-N is not satisfactory, then Viton, EPR or Teflon seals may be suitable.   A = Viton seals, B = Ethylene Propylene (EPR) seals, and B2 = TFE seals.  E.I. dupont

Option N: Ammonia Service

This option includes a brass free construction throughout, EPR seals, a stainless steel gear movement and gasketed case.  Price includes calibration to specific gravity, pressure and temperature compensation.  This option is available for model 73 ONLY.

Option C: Calibration for Specific Gravity

All Series 7000 Flo-Gages are normally calibrated for water with a specific gravity of 1.0 (density of 62.4 lbs./ft³).  If fluids of different density are to be metered, the meter will require either a correction factor or calibration for the desired specific gravity.

Option P: Panel Mount

This option provides a special meter case for mounting on panels.  This option is available on 1-1/2″ and smaller meters only.

D2X OptionOptions D & D2: Gasketed Meter Housing

Standard meter housing protects the meter mechanism against normal dirt and dust.  If the meter is to be exposed to the weather, marine service, splashing liquids, corrosive vapors, or extreme humidity or dusty conditions, then a gasketed meter housing is recommended. Gaskets of neoprene sponge are installed at the body flange, back cover plate and under the dial crystal to make the housing leak-tight. Option D2 includes a condulet.

RCM Digital DisplayOption RW3: Digital Readout/Totalizer

Digital display flow meter 2 wire loop powered 4-20mA DC transmitter features 7 digits for flow rate and 11 digits for accumulated total. On-screen engineering units are easily configured, while different units for flow rate and total can be displayed simultaneously. A wide selection of options further enhances this models capability. Optional backlighting is available for easy viewing and intrinsic safe approval for hazardous locations.

  • RW3 = Digital readout of flow rate & total 4-20mA dc (non-linear)
  • RW3-1 = Digital readout of flow rate & total 4-20mA dc (linear) + Hart
  • RW3-2 = Digital readout of flow rate & total + alarm 4-20mA dc (non-linear)
  • RW3-3 = Digital readout of flow rate & total + alarm 4-20mA dc (linear) + Hart
  • RW3-4 = Digital readout of flow rate & total + Modbus 4-20mA dc (linear)
Option E: Non-Standard  Flow Rates

Various full-Scale flow rates are available for each pipe size as indicated in the chart of Standard Flow Rates and Body Sizes.  These standard flow rates meet nearly all industrial applications and comply with good engineering practice in piping design.  However, if smaller flow ranges are necessary, special orifices can be furnished.  Consult with us if this is a desired option !

Option R2: Remote Readout

Adapters and 3-way equalizing valve (Bronze) provide extended temperature ranges or remote mount for more convenient viewing.

Option ES: Low Flow Rates

A low flow meter is available with ½” female NPT connections for measuring the flow of liquids as low as 1 GPH and gases as low as 10 SCFH.  A minimum inlet pressure of 10 psi is required for liquids and gases.  Accuracy is ±5% of full scale.

Option R3: Remote Readout

Adapters and 3-way equalizing valve (316SS) provide extended temperature ranges or remote mount for more convenient viewing.

Options F & F2: Aluminum Housing

Option F changes the housing from the standard ABS plastic to Aluminium housing with a plastic dial crystal.  Option F2 changes the housing from the standard ABS plastic to an Aluminium housing with a glass dial crystal.

Option T: Expanded Temperature Range

Materials suitable for a range of 80F to 350F are provided. Higher temperatures available in combination with Option R2

Option G: Custom Scales and Dials

Non-standard flow rates and custom dial patterns require preparation of special artwork and stencils.  A one time charge is made for each custom dial pattern or non-standard scale.

Option V: Calibrate for High Viscosity Liquids

Liquids having high viscosities cause flow meters to read high; however, this effect is slight for liquids having viscosities less than 5 centipoises.  Heavy lubricating and fuel oils with viscosities up to 500 cps require special sizing of the flow meter orifice.  Flo Gages are not recommended for metering of fluids with viscosities greater than 500 centipoises.  Consult with us for specific recommendations.

High Pressure OptionOption H: 400 psig Service

Standard meters are equipped with bellows which have a service rating of 180 psig maximum.  High strength bellows made of Inconel 718 are available with service ratings to 400 psig and may be used where service conditions permit use of stainless steel.  A slight increase in pressure drop across the meter results when these bellows are used.  International Nickel Co.

Option I: Compressed Gas Service

Meters intended for compressed gas service require individual sizing of meter orifices to suit the desired flow rate, gas composition, line pressure and temperature.  In addition, dials are marked with type of gas, specific gravity, line pressure and temperature as part of this option.

  • Option X: Two set point relays (Hi/Lo)
  • Option Y: 0-1000 Hz frequency output
  • Option Z: Combines options W, X and Y
  • Option 1S2:  1 SPDT REED switch
  • Option 2S2:  2 SPDT REED switches
Option K: Saturated Steam Service

The steam service option includes EPR seals, SS bellows and inverted housing. Steam pressures are limited to 120# saturated unless remote (option R2) is used. Temperature range: -80° F to 350° F

  • Option EM: CE Marking Directive Electromatic Compatability (EMC) Directive 89/336/EEC
  • Option IS: Intrinsic Safe Approval  (-1S2 or -2S2 only) CSA /KEMA
  • Option LED: Light emitting diode (-1S2 or -2S2 only) CSA /KEMA

*Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC) is only available with option W in an aluminum housing (Option F or F2).

Accessories & Additional Options

Cleaned for Oxygen Service: Cleaning for oxygen service; cleaned in accordance with ASTM G93-96; Inspected per, packaged and bagged in polyethylene bags per 12.1.3.

DR-1 Remote digital readout of rate and total in NEMA-4X enclosure. Requires option W, W2 or W3 or RW3.
PS-24 Power supply 24 V dc, 100 mA for transmitter options W, W2, W3, X, Y, Z, RW3.  Fittings for connecting remote readout option R2 and R3. Includes 2 -1/4” shutoff valves and selection of compression fittings.
KT-1 Brass fittings
KT-3 316 SS fittings
SST Stainless steel tag, permanently affixed
CT Cardboard tag

Flow Calibrations

Standard: Meters with non-standard flow rates are calibrated with water at a flow rate calculated to provide the proper differential pressure. These meters are tested at full scale and 50% scale to verify proper operation and accuracy. Certificates of calibration for non-standard flowrates are available upon request at no charge.

Optional: Test standard flow rate meters at full scale and 50% to verify proper operation and accuracy. Includes certificate of calibration. Must be ordered with meter.

Special: NIST traceable 5 point flow calibration certificate and error curve. Water test media only, 4 GPM to 200 GPM full scale. Calibration at time of production.  ISO 17025 Certified.