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Purge Flow Meters

Mechanical Flow Meters with Flush / Purge Systems

Flushable Flow Meter
Flushable Flow Meter

Sturdy in-line, metal construction and large easy to read dial calibrated in engineering units (GPM, LPM, & cc/m) available in Bronze and 316SS.

This is a version of our mechanical meter with an ABS or Aluminum housing that has integrated components to allow for easy flushing and winterization. This meter can be connected to a flow of water or other solution to clean out the inside workings to prevent clogging of sensitive internal components. In addition, this version can easily be purged to prevent damage from freezing liquids in systems that require winterization. Originally designed for the latex modified concrete industry, this versatile meter will provide years of low maintenance operation.

Features and Benefits

  • 3.5” (90mm) 270° analog dial for reading at a glance
  • Suitable for use with opaque and clear fluids.
  • Measures 6:1 range with ± 3% F.S. accuracy
  • Dial and case factory configured for quick installation – but easily field re-configured if needed
  • Liquid flow ranges from 4 GPH (15 l/h) in 1/2” flow meter to 3000 GPM (12000 l/m) in 8” flow meter.

Typical Applications

  • Water
  • Latex Modified Concrete
  • Water Soluble Paints and Solutions

Principle of Operation

Our flush / purge flow meters are built around our standard rugged flow meter construction with an integrated equalizing valve and 3-way ball valve designed to flush and/or drain fluid from the flow meter pressure ports and bellows chamber which prevents the fluid from solidifying or freezing in harsh environments.

RCM Flowmeter Specifications
Series 7000FNPT (threaded) Standard
Series 8000Wafer unit mount between 150 or 300 class flanges.
HousingUV Stabilized PolycarbonateAluminum
BodyBronzeMonel / 316SS
BellowsBronzeMonel / 316SS / Inconel
SealsBuna NViton / EPR / Teflon
Gear MovementBronze316SS
Accuracyu00b1 3% F.S.u00b1 3% F.S.
Repeatabilityu00b1 1% F.S.u00b1 1% F.S.
Maximum Pressure180 psig (12.6 kg/cm2)400 psig (28.1 kg/cm2)
Minimum Pressure10 psig (0.67kg/cm2)10 psig (0.67kg/cm2)
Maximum Temperature212 F (100 C)350 F (177 C)
Minimum Temperature-30 F (-34 C)-80 F (-62 C)